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Apr 26, 2019
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I am experiencing high server load repeatedly and have paid someone to go through my server configuration and look for anything that could be improved however in the meantime I have just looked at the latest warning email and specifically the apachestatus.html attachment in it, and I can see a lot of lines that are just the server host name and port 80 i.e.:
149-8-0/0/22.0.00258970530560.00.000.61::1http/1.1HOSTNAME:80OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0

What is this doing? (This is the last line in the log so I assume it means there are 149 connections? or processes?


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! This is the output of the "apachectl fullstatus" command on the machine, sent to you in email form. Unless it's truncated in the email, the bottom of the command tells you what each column indicates:

    Srv  Child Server number - generation
    PID  OS process ID
    Acc  Number of accesses this connection / this child / this slot
     M   Mode of operation
    CPU  CPU usage, number of seconds
    SS   Seconds since beginning of most recent request
    Req  Milliseconds required to process most recent request
    Dur  Sum of milliseconds required to process all requests
   Conn  Kilobytes transferred this connection
   Child Megabytes transferred this child
   Slot  Total megabytes transferred this slot
That would mean Apache is handling 149 connections, but that particular one isn't using any CPU activity, as indicated by the "0.00" in the 5th column.