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Aug 29, 2018
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It would be hard for anyone to assist you without any details such as how many CPanel users are using that server, which sort of application is hosted on that server. How much memory is on that server? A 100% utilization for 2GB memory server would not be unusual.

Additionally, the graph shared is for a 24 hour period. The spike in memory usage is also reflected in high CPU usage + high disk read/write during the same hours. Is this something that happens between those hours daily, and not just for the last 24hours? And the disk is showing as ~90% full. The mere spike could be explained by something as simple as a lot of compressing/decrompressing the files on the servers, which is something generating or restoring from back-ups would do.
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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @conductexam

Based on the limited information you've provided and the graph I'd wager the issue is traffic. If this is a Virtual Server (which I assume it is since it appears to be Digital Ocean) and you're experiencing corresponding high IO wait you'll want to speak to your provider as this could be related to being on an overloaded node. The following guide may be helpful for you:
Troubleshooting High Loads On Linux Servers