Dec 9, 2006
Hello, first off thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am having a few problems with my newly bought server over at GoDaddy /
SecureServer. I have contacted them numerous times about this and have gotten
the same response time and time again even with escalated tickets. Ok, to the

I setup 3 DNS zones, each with different IP's. I matched them up in the domain
name config in godaddy for also. Now here is where it
gets weird. Sometimes, I will get on and try to access my site
( and it will say Domain not found/404 error.. Like the
DNS/server doesn't even exist. Other times, it will load right up. Now, I have
asked around and gotten friends to check for me; they have the same errors. I
then proceeded to try and get on by using a proxy. Well, sometimes using a
proxy will allow me access to the server. Would this be an ISP issue or a DNS
issue? I'm almost positive I set everything up correctly and I have extensively
went through double/tripple checking everything. I have been losing a
significant amount of hits due to this, so I know its consistant among
my users..

Have you ever had this problem come in as a ticket? Do you know what to do? I
am lost. Thanks.


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Oct 4, 2003

You've done a few things right, but left out one important step.

First off, your Nameservers look like they have been properly registered at godaddy.

You have also set your domain to use the registered nameservers.

Your servers DNS / NS Records have been updated so they point to the right nameservers.

The thing you forgot to do though, is create A Records for your nameservers.

Login to WHM, goto Edit DNS. Select your domain.

Create the following records:

ns1 A
ns2 A
ns3 A

Hit Save, and your problem should be fixed... Give it a few minutes, and then refresh the dnsreport link above.


Dec 9, 2006
Awesome. I needed to see that; now look! Fixed. What about the 2 warnings?

Nameservers on separate class C's
Single Point of Failure

Anything to worry about? Thanks a lot.


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
That's just because the original intention of multiple nameservers was so if one server, or even datacenter, went down, there would still be somewhere to go. With only 1 server there isn't a lot of options.