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Hooking into domain processes

Discussion in 'cPanel Developers' started by kUdtiHaEX, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. kUdtiHaEX

    kUdtiHaEX Member

    May 15, 2008
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    I'm trying to write a hook for these cases:
    1. Addon domain add
    2. Subdomain add
    3. Parked domain add

    After searching through Google and cPanel Docs, I have found that I should place some file in appropriate directory here /usr/local/cpanel/hooks/park (for parked domains) and /usr/local/cpanel/hooks/subdomain (for subdomains).

    My questions are:
    1. If this course of action is correct, where should I put a script for addon domains?
    2. How should I name these files - addaddondomain, addsubdomain etc? What are correct answers?
    3. Are they executable scripts and in which language I can write them - Python, shell, PHP, Perl?
    4. Are they executed before or after the action?

    What I want to do is just to write something into file / do a search&replace every time someone does some of these 3 actions.
  2. CharlesBoyd

    CharlesBoyd Member

    May 29, 2012
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    You can write standardized hooks for the following API2 function calls:




    #!/usr/bin/env perl

    package YourAddonModule;

    use warnings;
    use strict;

    sub describe {
    my $create_addon_hook = {
    'category' => 'Cpanel',
    'event' => 'Api2::AddonDomain::addaddondomain',
    'stage' => 'pre', # or post
    'hook' => 'YourAddonModule::your_hook_subroutine',
    'exectype' => 'module',
    return [$create_addon_hook];

    sub your_addon_hook {
    my ( $context, $data ) = @_;
    my $args = $data->{'args'};
    my ( $dir, $newdomain, $subdomain ) = ( $args->{'dir'}, $args->{'newdomain'}, $args->{'subdomain'} );
    print "HOOK TEST : Created $newdomain with dir = $dir and subdomain = $subdomain","\n";

    Here's a link to more readable version of the code:

    Save this as: /var/cpanel/perl5/lib/

    (Note that you may have to create that directory with 'mkdir -p /var/cpanel/perl5/lib')

    Then you can register the hook with:

    '/usr/local/cpanel/bin/manage_hooks add module'

    Subdomain and Parked domain hooks will follow similarly, you may refer to the documentation for further information.
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