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Host mysql issues errno 2 error

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kieranmullen, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. kieranmullen

    kieranmullen Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2005
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    Portland, OR USA
    When I ran my own cpanel server years and years ago I seem to recall this error came up and I fixed it but I no longer recall how I fixed it. I no longer runb a server but run off a shared one. Anyhow providers server crashed, errors were on both drives. When the system came back up.

    1)Reseller account was no longer admin
    2)Many websites has ftp accounts missing
    3)Many websites have mysql tables damaged as shown below or show a file size of zero. Even sites which had no activity at the time of the crash show issues... When I go to repair it it shows...

    microsoc_porksoap is now being checked.
    Error    : File './microsoc_porksoap/PersonalProducts.MYD' not found (Errcode: 2)
    Error    : Can't find file: 'PersonalProducts' (errno: 2)
    error    : Corrupt
    microsoc_porksoap.categories                       OK
     Check Complete
    or another table for coppermine

    microsoc_cpm01 is now being checked.
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_albums                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_banned                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_bridge                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_categories                   OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_comments                     OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_config                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_dict                         OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_ecards                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_exif                         OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_favpics                      OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_filetypes                    OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_final_extract_config         OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_hit_stats                    OK
    Error    : Can't find file: 'cpg148_pictures' (errno: 2)
    status   : Operation failed
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_plugins                      OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_sessions                     OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_temp_data                    OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_usergroups                   OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_users                        OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_vote_stats                   OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg148_votes                        OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_albums                          OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_banned                          OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_bridge                          OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_categories                      OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_comments                        OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_config                          OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_dict                            OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_ecards                          OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_exif                            OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_favpics                         OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_filetypes                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_hit_stats                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_pictures                        OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_plugins                         OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_sessions                        OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_temp_data                       OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_usergroups                      OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_users                           OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_vote_stats                      OK
    microsoc_cpm01.cpg_votes                           OK
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  2. cPanelMichael

    cPanelMichael Technical Support Community Manager Staff Member

    Apr 11, 2011
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    Root Administrator
    Hello :)

    You will need to contact your hosting provider to see if they can repair the MySQL data. It's possible that it was permanently damaged, but only your hosting provider will be able to determine that.

    The following URL contains information on repairing MySQL tables (The URL may vary depending on the MySQL version used):

    MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 6.6.1 Using myisamchk for Crash Recovery

    Thank you.
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