Host tech deleted IPs now cPanel will not let me re add them


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Oct 9, 2003
I have a issue I really need help with.

My cPanel - Redhat 9 server started off with a single ip and I added an allocation of 6 ips which went fine.

forward a month later I need 6 more so they send me an email with 5 ips and subnet. I add them, no problem but now the new ips just wont work, ping fails etc.

I contact tech support and they tell me teh subnet is wrong and I need to delete and readd the ips. After deleting the Ips cPanel refuses to re add them. (Yes I rebooted in between). It keeps saying that every IP is teh broadcast address and cannot add.

Now the hosting company tech decides I need to delete all my IPs except for my primary, reboot and readd them. So now I have a primary IP and I cannot readd any of the old IPs.

Please tell me how to solve this before I buy a plane ticket and a baseball bat and head off to the datacenter.....