Host website on a different domain, but leave the mail


Feb 13, 2020
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I would like to host my website on a different server (Google Cloud), but leave the mail and DNS in my current server. See below my current Zone Editor. I think i should change the destination to the new host IP and the type to A, and leave the the way it is, but i'm not sure. Can you help me please?
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Nov 14, 2017
I want to point out that based on what you showed in your paste (which I can see though no one else can because it contains your domain name).

  • Normally when you're hosting your domain and your email on the same server you'd do the following to move the site to another server but keep your mail local:
  1. Create an A record for mail.yourdomain.tld that points to the current server
  2. Change the MX record for your domain to reflect the mail.yourdomain.tld recordc
  3. Modify the A record of yourdomain.tld to reflect the new server

  • Your MX records already point to Google - this means all your mail is received at GSuite
    • This means that should you move your domain to a new server, you will not be utilizing this server for anything but DNS hosting for this domain
    • If that's the case, for this domain you may want to evaluate whether or not you need the server in its current form. I'm unaware if you're hosting other domains on it but it might be that it's not useful to you, it doesn't make sense to have a full cPanel license and only be hosting DNS unless you have other domains hosted on the server.