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Nov 18, 2020
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Apologies if there's a similar thread to this but I need some specific help.

I have very limited knowledge of web hosting and need to internally transfer 3 domains that are currently separate accounts on one shared server. I therefore can not be granted root admin access.

Some time ago we asked a family friend to set up 3 domains to use for emails and websites and these were created through their own cPanel shared server. I just want root admin access to all the accounts but would prefer to stay with cPanel.

However the family friend is suggesting we move to another web hosting platform such as 123 reg and as a result this would mean we'd loose all pre-existing data.

Is there anyway around this without having to complicate stuff through DNS settings and data migration? For instance create a new cPanel admin account completely (by using my outlook account for instance) and then transfer the 3 domains to this new admin account.

I have the permission for an internal domain transfer from the family friend but as stated have very limited web hosting knowledge and not entirely sure about the process.

Would appreciate any help as these domains expire on their server next week.
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May 22, 2020
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Hi @phoebe.b,

You don't need root access to be able to transfer the three cPanel accounts to a different server nor will you lose any data if you transfer the cPanel accounts to another web host that uses the cPanel control panel on their servers.

DNS settings will need to be changed but if you opt to move your hosting to a competent web hosting company, they will make these changes for you and transfer the three cPanel accounts for free.

Transferring the domains is a separate process that requires you getting EPP codes from your current registrar. I suggest transferring the domains at a later stage to avoid any confusion.

Hope that helps!
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Aug 10, 2018
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@ZenHostingTravis is correct. Most hosting providers offer migration services for free. In the case that you wish to perform the transfer yourself then there is a tool called the "Copy an Account from Another Server with Account Password" option. This would only work if you have root access on the new server.

Your DNS still needs to be updated as Travis mentioned, though the "Copy an Account" feature should pull the rest of your cPanel data.