Jun 13, 2012
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cPanel backups impossible if >4GB or >50,000 Inodes?

HostGator currently limit users so they aren't able to produce a backup from within the cPanel interface if their account is larger than 4GB. They claim that the backup process crashes their servers due to the high load is puts on the server.


As you can see the server my account is on has 8 cores and at the time of the screen shot had a lot of 22+. I've seen the load climb as high as 34+! This is a very high load for a server with 8 cores and I am surprised that they have the server configuration setup to still display a 'green okay' icon next to the load.

Surely if the high load configuration was setup correctly at 8 then the server would be able to better handle the backup process? I have tried explaining this to HostGator but they are just not getting it.