Hosting a subdomain without the main domain


Apr 20, 2020
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Hi All,

(TL;DR) To summarise, I'd like the following --> cloud host provider (ip: - works! --> cloud host provider (ip: - works! --> cloud host provider (ip: - works! --> AWS EC2 instance (ip: - works! --> cloud host provider (ip: - doesn't work!

The long explanation...

I have a some hosting using cpanel along with a free domain that came with it hosted from /public_html

I also have an addon domain hosted at another registrar ( using their nameservers.
I updated the A Records for @ and * to point to the shared ip of my hosting (ip: ).
I also updated /etc/ips.remotedns to include both ips of the domains nameservers.
I have configured hosted from /

I can access both and and their respective website is displayed.
I can create the subdomain and that is hosted from / and is also accessible via the web.

Here's where my problem starts.

I also own one further domain which uses the same nameservers as's A records currently point to an aws server (ip: ) which is serving as the web host for that domain and I'd like to keep it that way.
I would like to create a subdomain called and host this at the hosting for but leave pointing to AWS
So i have created the A record dev and pointed it to the share ip of my hosting.

If I use add subdomain, my tld is not an addon domain so that won't work
So I am trying to add as an addon domain instead, but I cannot seem to get this to work.

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Nov 14, 2017

Is DNS for hosted at AWS? If so did you create the A record for there? IT needs to be done where DNS for the domain is hosted in order for it to resolve. could be added as an addon domain for the account, you'd just need to ensure that it correctly points to the account's IP address.

You can confirm the IP address it points to by running something like the following from an unassociated server (Not the AWS or Cloud Host server)

dig a