Hosting many business client domains, can whm/cpanel allow custom script updates ?


Jan 21, 2008
we would like to run a server such that clients would not need to log in to their cpanel accounts but rather on the admin side we would install the software, be able to update, and host our client business website domains including dedicated ip and ssl for each client, and then just allow clients to access their script access to add content to their sites

in other words, clients would not need to configure any cpanel stuff, they would just log in to the cms that we would install

however, we also would like to push any script updates to all the client sites automatically (or pretty close) rather than having to go into each and every account manually to update their scripts.

can whm/cpanel do this?

can we install our own universal cms stuff that is then pushed to each new client as each client signs up, and also allow us to push any code updates to all the sites on the server with one click?

looking for way to do this