Hosting multiple domains in goDaddy dedicated server


Oct 25, 2011
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I am new to cPanel.

I purchased dedicated server with 1 external IP from goDaddy. Server is behind the firewall, and its IP is

I am trying to setup multiple completely separate domains. Both domains from Internet resolve to (ping

in cPanel, I have created 2 accounts under Account functions.

Both accounts (domain's) IP address is now And neither of them are working.

Yesterday, goDaddy tech. made me change the first domain's IP to That domain worked fine, however the second domain also pointed to the first one. Since then I have deleted and recreated both accounts.

cPanel shows 1 available IP, which is " (main shared IP)(shared by root)"

What I am doing wrong? and how can I fix it.

Thanks for your time in advance.