Hosting subdomain only: how to send mail to main domain??


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Dec 3, 2003
Hello -

I am hosting a sudomain for a client, while the main domain is hosting with Yahoo! business hosting. They are using a 3rd party anti-spam mail system so their mx records point to a totally different server.

I set up the domain on my server, then the subdomain. Then I edited the MX record so that it points to the same mail server as the dns settings on Yahoo! hosting.

The problem is: when my users use my server to send email to their accounts, it returns a message:
"The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

      'admin@***.com' on 7/23/2006 10:37 AM
            503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA"
I understand that my server probably doesn't realize that it needs to communicate with the real mail server. But this message really surprised me! Is it saying expecting pop-before-smtp or something? I can't imagine why my local server would give this msg, so I'm gussing that maybe it is reaching the actual server.

Very confusing! Any advice appreciated !!! :)


May 31, 2003
I don't know what this 503 error actually means, but if you need to use external mailserver,

remove the domain from /etc/localdomains


add it to /etc/remotedomains (if it doesn't exist, create a new one).