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Dec 17, 2021
United Kingdom
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Hello everyone, I'm looking forward for someone who can point me in the right direction.

I redesigned my web using Webpack. Before I had no problem as the index.html was a direct child of the public_html folder.

But Webpack creates this structure. And index.html is placed within the docs folder.
Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 16.40.59.png

So when I try to display my web in the browser, it display the following error

You don't have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I don't find how to configure this in File Manager. I tried updating the "homepage" key in the package.json to the domain. But it doesn't work.

I am able to host my web on Github Pages as I can configure which folder look at to find my index.html.
how can I configure this with File Manager? or is there another tool in CPanel to configure this?

Sorry if my question is very simple, I'm very novice with CPanel.

Thanks in advance to everyone.


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