Hostname and Nameservers Question


Sep 24, 2008

basic cpanel/whm setup:

hostname: i own a domain name that is not used for anything. i want to make this the server host name. when i enter "" - WHAT NEXT? do i need to change the nameservers in the domain registrars records??

nameservers: i enter "" in the first one. WHAT NEXT? click "assign ip"? THEN WHAT? click "add A record"?

- i do the same thing for the second one correct? then i take those 2 IP addresses to the domain registrars panel and "register a nameserver" with them?

what happens to that actual domains DNS records? do i point them at ITS OWN NAMESERVER? ie: /

NOW- what about the "networking setup"

-- do i need to go to do that "assign a namesever IP" again?? what about the "resolver setup"??

im sorry these seem so basic.

i just need someone to tell me ONCE the answers to those questions- because after that is set up- i point my OTHER domains to those ns's and im good to go right? (after i create account blahh) i know all the rest of the stuff- i just never understood the whole host/dns things.. thank you.