Hostname for WHM installation with no top-level domain


Jul 29, 2010
Hi, I'm using WHM on a dedicated server to organise and manage various School websites created internally.

we are not a reseller and therefore don't have a top-level domain (naturally our school has a web prescence but that is hosted elsewhere).

In the setup routine, WHM ask me to nominate a qualified hostname. Pre-populated in the box was (where xxxx is our client code with this dedicated hosting provider).

Is there any harm in NOT changing this value? MUST I have a top-level domain to make c-Panel function correctly?? Can I leave the default setting (as above) as is??


Matthew P


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Jan 24, 2005
If you are going to host emails on this server too and looking to send emails to the outside world, make sure you have proper hostname and is pointing to your server IP else emails won't work properly.

What you can do is to just add an A record entry in your schools domains DNS zone file which will point to the IP of your new server. Say, your school website name is (which is hosted elsewhere), so just ask the provider their to add an A record entry like to point to your new server IP. Then you can use as the hostname of your new server which will work fine.

However, if you are not looking to host emails, it is fine to leave the hostname as it is but make sure you don't use the hostname in accessing anything as it will lead nowhere.