Hotlink protection tips for a single domain


Aug 11, 2010
I have a site about /, images, glitter graphics.
my site have lots of images which user post to their profiles in social networking sites and hotlink my images... so i cant use hotlink protection for all site..

but some sites are using my images for their own purpose.. 1 or 2 site...
is there any way so i can protect my images from being hot-linked by those sites... not from all sites..

anyone please help me
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Oct 19, 2007
CPanel can prevent hotlinking by only allowing named sites (such as your own web site) to access files on your site.

To prevent hotlinking:

1. Click on the HotLink Protection button on the home page.
2. Enter any other addresses that you will allow to access your site other than the provided defaults in the central area.
3. Enter the protected extensions in the Extensions to allow field. Make sure you separate each extension with a comma.
4. Enter the address to redirect any hotlinking to in the Url to Redirect to field.
5. Click on the Allow direct requests tick box if you want to allow direct URL access to non-HTML files, such as images.
6. Click on the Activate button.