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Dec 29, 2003
I have a customer that states that he is having his hotlinking domain names changed by some process of cpanel. I have advised that there is no process that would do so. Once it is set it is in .htaccess file and there would be nothing to overwrite it. The only thing that would overwrite it would be if there was a different .htaccess file uploaded. Last week he stated that the domain names got changed within a 24 hour period. I got him corrected and then 5 days later he states that they have been changed again.

Anyone else have some insight or suggestions.

My thought would be to change the owner permissions so that no one even ftp cant overwrite them?


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May 20, 2003
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First thing I'd look at is the differences in the htaccess. Something may be overwriting it but no way of knowing what unless I compared the two.

The htaccess can be edited/updated via cPanel by several functions including the hotlink feature, but it will not be overwritten. Those functions add/remove lines to the bottom of the file.
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