Hotlinks don't work correctly


Jan 28, 2004
I have found that the hot links are not completely working. They allow ways
to bypass the block to image files and pages that are suppose to be blocked.

I set up a test page on another site so you can check out and see the
results for yourself.

This is only a test page:

I clearly marked the links and image that are hotlinked and should not
display what they are pointing to. However, it you try any of the following
examples you will see that the web pages and image files that should be blocked and not accessable on the test site.

1. Just take any test link and drag it into another browser window.

2. Try dragging the default banner that is displayed and drag that in to
another browser window.

3. Try dragging any of the above into the URL address space in your browser.

4. In Netscape if you do a "open in new tab"

In each of these cases I was able to bypass the hotlink protection and gain
access to the web page and the image that are suppose to be blocked.

My domains with your service is and

Mike Support Ticket Number: 37081 Support Ticket Number: 37081