Hotmail & Gmail inboxing problem, please help


Dec 9, 2012
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Hi, i have recently purchased new dedicated server and installed cpanel on it,

i have configured everything correctly regarding email delivery,

SPF and DKIM enabled
rDNS configured by dedicated server provider
Configured /etc/mailhelo , /etc/mailips , /etc/mail_reverse_dns according to the examples on this forum
IPs are clean according to mxtools.

Emails goes to inbox on yahoo, aol and others, but not for hotmail and gmail. And when i test the email source on Free JSON API to instantly check the spam score of your email messages it says that my score is "-0.1 Excellent " and they check for spf, dkim, rdns and stuff like those.

Can anyone help me with this ? It will be a shame to deliver new account information to client's spam boxes instead of inbox :( .I really don't know what to try anymore.


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Apr 21, 2013
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First check your SMTP server's ip in Email Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted

If it is in any of them, contact and request removal.

Not all Hosting providers keep IP addresses in quarantine before assigning them to users. If not you, user before you could have used that email for spam and somebody in google flagged it as spam.

If it's fresh server, you could ask your hosting to change IP. If that is not possible you should consider renting STMP server or services somewhere else, or even use Gmail's SMTP.