Hourly email send limit reached for unknowndomain


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Nov 30, 2009
I have received a notification from my server telling me that a domain has reached the hourly email send limit.

The domain it is reporting is NOT an account on my server... it's not parked, addon, or listed as an account.

I've checked email delivery reports in WHM and I can't find any records there either.

I'm not aware of any compromised accounts, usually maldet picks up any files used to create backdoors or send spam...also I usually receive an email telling me when an account is sending an unusual level of emails.

This almost seems like it was sent to me in error, but how?

note: I removed the actual domain from the thread title, it's not unknowndomain.com, it is a legitimate domain in use, looks like it's from a legit company in the US, i'm in the UK.


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Nov 14, 2017
It sounds like your email was used for the contact info of the domain. Do you recognize the IP the email originated from? If you check the exim logs do you unusual mail activity?