How addon domains are handled in cPanel question


Jun 9, 2017
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Thanks for a great product in general! I've been away from cPanel for many years, and returned to the product when I change my VPS in May.

I've been trying Atomia and before that Plesk for webspaces before I've got my own servers and VPS.
And I have to say, I'm starting to regret not choosing Plesk for my VPS.

Why have cPanel choosen to use subdomain with Addon Domains?
I havn't tried ANY other control panels that use this solution. It makes problem for the SEO (I found a work around for this I think), and it's also making a Zone File that just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

As I understand, there is no plans for changing this?
But I would love to know the reason for why this solution is choosen.

And since you not going to change it, even with so many feedbacks about it. Why not change the controlpanel to have "account users", with it's own control panel for each domain? (if you understand what I mean)

Hope to hear from Cpanel about this.

And for other users, why not answer the poll?


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May 20, 2003
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Poll removed, no need for one on this.

Why have cPanel choosen to use subdomain with Addon Domains?
If I understand your issue properly, when creating an addon domain, edit the Document Root field from this:
To this:

That should place the addon domain outside public_html.