how can i chane welcome message when login in FTP


Jun 19, 2005

somebody help me : how can i change " welcome message" when i login in FTP

i uesd pure-ftpd

i go config in : vi /etc/pure-ftpd.conf but i don't know which line i can change that, please help me that. thanks


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Feb 6, 2004
This from the pure-ftp FAQ
I don't think this is possible on a cPanel box.
* Initial banner.
-> How do I display a customized message before the login prompt?

Compile with --with-cookie and run the server with -F <file name> . In that
file, put a nice customized banner message.
Here is what I have in my notes for pure-ftp from this post
This is possible but I have not tested it.
Perhaps you could give it a go and report back here what you did and how you did it, if you get it to work, so others might benefit from your experience. ;)
If a '.banner' file is located in the 'ftp' user home directory (or in the
root directory of a virtual server, see below), it will be printed when the
client logs in. Put a nice ASCII-art logo with your name in that file.

This file shouldn't be larger than 4000 bytes, or it won't be displayed.

In each directory, you may also have a '.message' file. Its content will be
printed when a client enters the directory. Such a file can contain important
Hope this might help.
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