How can I change the default domain? WHM or Backroom?


Feb 11, 2011
When I got my cPanel through Verio I had to associate a domain with it, so I chose the first domain name I put on the server. It was one of my clients domains. So, in the Verio back room under my accounts listings it says:

"myserver3 (, 123.456.789.XXX)"

Now I have a bunch of different client domains on that server. The problem is occasionally there will be some issue and one of my other clients will see "" and I have to explain is the server, but it's really me, etc.

I'd like to make another domain on the server the primary domain so they would at least know it was me if there was some error and wouldn't see "" and instead see "".

Is this done in the WHM easily? Or do I need to remove the offending account and re-add it or something? I am not sure if this is a Verio account problem or a WHM problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.