How Can I enable DKIM under the updated version of Cpanel?(Please help me out)


Sep 10, 2021
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Hello fellows,
I am a website owner and just connected my custom email with Gmail. it allows my gmail to receive and reply customer emails by using the Cpanel email address.
Unfortunately, when I proceeded to the last step where I need to edit the profile photo rather than a generic one. I need to Gmail to authentificate Cpanel email, then I can use the Cpanel E-address to log into gmail, In there, I can easily upload the headphoto.

Now, the problem is I can not find the "Authentification’ Icon under Cpanel/Email section. Only "Email deliverility".

If you konw the solution, please share with me. Appreaciate your help.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! With only cPanel access to the account, you won't be able to resolve this on your own as this is likely being restricted by your hosting provider or datacenter. You'll want to contact them directly to see if they can add that feature back to your account.