How can I find existing database user password?


Oct 21, 2009
Or is there any chance at all to find the password of an existing database user?

There is no reset button neither. So deleting the user and readding it again is my only option? :confused:

P.S. Where can I modify the default language pack from WHM for all new users of cPanel? There are just so many sections of configurations. Thanks!


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Nov 5, 2008
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It is not readily feasible or possible to decrypt passwords for MySQL users; the passwords are stored in an encrypted form by MySQL.

I suggest trying to simply recreate the user using the desired password, optionally without removing it first, in attempt to reset an existing MySQL user.

Regarding the language inquiry; would you be able to expand upon this question with more detail about what is needing to be accomplished?

If I understand the question correctly, it is possible to set the user's language using the package system in WHM; once there is a package with your preferred language the package can then be used to easily define your desired preferences during new account creations.

How to manage packages is detailed further in our documentation at the following link:
WhmPackages < AllDocumentation/WHMDocs < TWiki


Jun 24, 2005
As the mysql root user, it's trivial easy to reset the password for any MySQL user or their access permissions.

You don't need to delete or re-add anything, that would be completely unnecessary.

Just simply change the MySQL user's password!

You can then update whatever script is using that database login with the new password and you should be ready to go! ;)