How can I setup round robin dns with cpanel?


Jul 3, 2006
BianchiDude said:
How can I setup round robin dns with cpanel?
look at

1. assuming you have two hosts.

2. fixes your dns on same class C

3. you can quickly get your alt host up when primary crashes

4. you can even add spf

use to test your dns

I learned the hard way when webhostplus hosed dr2/netbunch, I mean "acquired" ;-)

-larry / dallas

registrar / dns / host - each should be separate!

(you can help me - where is a definitive guide to what cpanel needs for regex in email filtering, the one post i found (re[##]) shows a regex that is mostly escaped (\) nothing like a real regex! Here are two I have tried to use : [\*]{8.} and ^[\*]{4,7}$ boith work fine in a regex validator. Tried: cpanel filter, edit .filter, and backup/restore alias/filters - all butcher the code. btw the second regex is the problem child)