How can I use Ruby on rails with mongrel(apache2/php5/mysql5)


Aug 17, 2006
Hi, I'd like to install ROR(ruby) on my server.
I know, Cpanel is really comfortable WHM Tool,
but sometimes it's teasing that I can't do anything without cpanel(cuz cpanel manage all compile and build process).

This time, I updated APM to latest version using bleeding edge (easyapache3)

Everything seemed to be ok, and I run /script/installruby before I compile apache2 contain mod_proxy.

So from this point, I heard fastcgi with ruby is kinda tricky and unstable and needs lots of system resources. then I tried to stay with mongrel, but I can't find any clue to attach this modules on apache2.

Does anyone clearly know how to use ruby with mongrel on apache2 server?

Furthermore, tell me how to test ROR is properly installed on my server.

With my best regards.