How do I change the default font color in the Advanced Guestbook header?


Nov 27, 2006
I am wondering how to change the Advanced Guestbook default header font color? I have been able to edit the guestbook "entry" font color, the background colors, the link colors and even the font size within the header, but am not able to find an option to change the font color for this area. The previously mentioned changes that I was able to make were performed in the "guestbook/admin.php/style" settings page. The object text that is included in this header area displays the date and also reads, "Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark."
I would also like to change the text color that appears in this same area within the "Sign Guestbook" page; and this text reads, "Sign the Guestbook" and
"Fill out the blanks below to sign the guestbook. After you submit your entry, you will be returned to the guestbook. The blanks with (*) represent required fields."
Any shared insight in this topic would be greatly appreciated; as I'm currently pulling my hair out to find the solution.