How do I give someone access to a sub domain of my domain?


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Jun 22, 2002
I'd like to give someone access to a sub-domain off one of my domains. How can this be done? I want them to be only able to edit files associated with the sub domain... not the root domain. ALso... can they get access to a db as well? This is a dedicated machine so I can do it in WHM if that's how I need to do it.



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May 8, 2002
If you want to give them access to a subdomain just create an ftp account for the subdomain and give them the login informations for the new ftp account. They won't be able to view anything in the main domain's folder.

If you want to give them db access too, I suggest to create a new account as, better if you give them a limited cpanel version (limit it via theme) or not at all cpanel. Although if they're not trusted persons would be better not give anything.