How do I make Exim send emails using mailgun or amazon ses


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Mar 6, 2003
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I am currently having problems sending emails to Hotmail/Outlook because the VPS my provider
assigned me an IP that is currently blocked by Hotmail (it not in a RBLs but there seems to be
a problem with the fact that it is a new used IP without reputation) and while i have already
contacted Hotmail/Outlook guys I need a temporal solution, so I was thinking in setting up
a smarthost.

I found this older thread but I don´t mention too much details about how to setup smtp authentication

Do you think I could usemailgun or amazon ses or even another CPanel server to send my emails?


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Apr 27, 2006
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I've had success in getting emails accepted by hotmail by registering for both their postmaster SNDS tools and their JMR program, after these are configured they're normally happy to let mail flow at request (if setting those up hasn't already un-gummed things)