How do i migrate emails from google app mail server to cpanel


Feb 2, 2014
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Hi. I am new to the forum and this is my first posts.
I am facing an issue right now about migrating emails from google app mail server to Cpanel. Currently we are using google app mail server for our emails. but google app provides only 50 accounts for free of charge. we need to increase our email accounts, so i need to start using web mail client like horde, SquirrelMail which comes with Cpanel.

Now my problem is how do I transfer my emails from google apps (that is google servers) to my new mail server (under hostgator)
- Do i have to manually create same email accounts in Cpanel?
- when should i change the MX records ?
- what is the step by step procedure to migrate google app server mails to the new server? I have created the same
One option being, I start afresh on new mail server and forget about our email history. I however do not want this. Can you please help?


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Nov 5, 2001
Contact your hosting provider (hostgator) for help, because this should be part of their job to help you. Cpanel is just the software that is being used by hostgator to provide you with website and email hosting. Hostgator is your host, so they should help you with this.

That being said, here is the process you need:

1. Login to cpanel and create the desired email accounts.

2. For each cpanel email account, set it up in the email program you want (mac mail, Eudora, windows mail, outlook, etc..)

3. Now setup each google mail account.

So at this point, you should see TWO email accounts in your mail program.

4. Drag and drop (or copy and paste) the emails from google account to the cpanel mail account.

Wait for it to finish.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I suggest contacting your web hosting provider for assistance with the change of MX records on your domain name. Beyond that, the steps in the previous post should help you complete the migration from Google apps.

Thank you.