How do i restore Full website from Full Website Backup


Apr 20, 2013
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Am new to website development, my website was detected with a malware. Then the host suspended it and was told to clean. Now i cleaned the website and remoived the malware but the website was still suspended. I contacted the host and they told me that the problem wsa on my side. I Generated a Full Website backup and downloaded it later. I went ahead and created another account but i cannot see where to restore the website ie Full website Restore. How do i do it step by step please. Ill appreciate any help.



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Oct 20, 2008
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If you have a full backup available, it would be better to upload the backup file to your home directory, inform your hosting provider and they will restore it for you.

You can also follow the steps listed below to restore a home directory backup.

Login to your control panel and click Backups.
Click the Browse button next to the option which says Restore a Home Directory Backup.
Select the cPanel backup file which you want restored.
Click the Open button and click the Upload button.