How do I see all public_html files in cPanel?


Apr 23, 2005
I've plowed thru the posts and release notes, run several searches, and can't find an answer. Please note, I haven't been in cPanel for a LONG time because I had no problems. I went in today, noticed it's a new version (usually a good thing), figured out how to view the files . . . tilt!

When I bring up public_html to review the files in the site, I only get the first 330 files . . . one page. There are about 1300 files, and I can't figure out how to page to get to the rest of them!

I've clicked everything in sight, nothing gets me past this first page. The "Forward" button is inactive.

This means if I need to change something after the first page, I have use FTP to download it to my computer, make the change, then FTP it back up. I thought the new version would allow in-place editing. It also means I can't, for example, change permissions on a file if it occurs after the first page.

How do I get to the next page of files? This is strictly a "how to" question, not a technical one, I hope this forum is the right place to ask. Would appreciate any help I can get.


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Apr 7, 2006
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What is your exact version of cPanel? Which browser are you using? Which OS is installed on the cPanel server?

The file manager won't paginate file displays, it should be one long list.