How do i setup cPanel with 3 existing DNS servers that can be slaves


Feb 11, 2020
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Just as the thread title says. I have 3 existing DNS servers that i would like to keep using but i ran into some issues already.

For obvious performance reasons i really do not want to host DNS on the same server as the domains but i am willing to entertain the thought of doing it if that is the only way to get this work reliably.

1. Can i get cPanel to either show me the full complete DNS zone for a domain/user?
2. Can cPanel become master of existing DNS servers and how/where do i configure that?
3. Where are the zone files saved?

thanks in advance
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Nov 14, 2017
The only method of DNS Clustering supported by cPanel is through using the interface provided as well as utilizing DNSOnly servers for it. The requirements are listed in the documentation as follows: DNS Cluster | cPanel & WHM Documentation

While you are able to set up clustering outside of this it is not supported and we will be limited in our ability to provide you assistance with this. Other users may have some insight for their own configurations though and they're welcome to share that information with you here.

There are also a few threads such as this one on this subject already and I'd encourage you to read through them as well:

Some outside links as well: