How do I share available IPv6 addresses with multiple cPanel Accounts on CentOS


Jul 17, 2021
United Kingdom
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I have control over a number of servers that include multiple IPv4 addresses. cPanel allows me to assign those addresses to one or more cPanel accounts without exclusivity. Recently my provider has granted sets of IPv6 addresses to 2 of my new servers, and I would like to accomplish the same thing. The documentation cPanel provides however only describes ways of either making an IPv6 address a shared (amongst all accounts), or exclusive to a single cPanel account.

On one server in WHM under 'IPv6 Address Ranges' I have added the 3 addresses available to em1 with the /128 network portion. Under 'Assign IPv6 Address' I can then choose a single cPanel account to assign once to one of those addresses.

The 'Assign IPv6 Address' page also allows me to select multiple accounts, however when I press 'Enable Account' it only assigns an address to the first chosen. This is confusing though as on the right hand side of the page, the text changes to 'Enable these accounts with IPv6 addresses from the selected range:' like so:


If I add one of those 3 as a shared IPv6 address in the "Basic WebHost Manager" panel, I can then assign multiple accounts to that shared address, but can still not do the same with the other 2 added under the ranges page. This was actually a suggestion from the host, and they have ran out of ideas too.

Everywhere I look tells me I can only have 1 shared IPv6 address. Can anyone tell me if there is a way if there is a way around this limitation? or weather there is a way to add the addresses to allow me to add them to multiple accounts? It seems odd that a feature available in IPv4 is missing for IPv6.

I realise that there is likely a fully rational explanation, however as it's new to me I'm just lacking the knowledge to understand where to move from here.

The environment is CentOS 7.9 with cPanel & WHM v96.0.11.

Thanks for your time, and any suggestions.