How Do I Stop phpmyadmin Event Scheduler From Turning Off in Restart Using WHM?

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Mar 3, 2020
Portland, Oregon
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I have a problem in which I turn on my event scheduler using phpmyadmin as the root user by setting the global event scheduler variable to "on" either by flipping the little event scheduler switch to on or by finding the variable in the variables section and changing it to on. The problem is that whenever my server is restarted for any reason the event scheduler is turned off.

I have searched the internet and found situations in which people with similar problems say to edit a file called my.ini or my.cnf (How to set global event_scheduler=ON even if MySQL is restarted?). They say it is located someplace called etc/mysql/ but I can find so such file when I open the etc folder in file manager for any of my cpanel accounts, so I think it must be something only the root user can access, but WHM does not have a file manager, so I know of no way to edit that file via WHM.

This lack of a WHM file manager is a huge problem for anyone using a remote host because I cannot simply turn on a computer, click on some desktop icons, and find the file.
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Apr 26, 2020
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If you do not have root-level access to the server then it is best to contact your hosting provider.


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Apr 26, 2019
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Just bringing this back up because I have the same issue, and I do have root access, I also use configServer Explorer as a file manager, and I cannot find the files referenced abover either (either my.ini, cnf.ini or mysqld.conf)

I noticed my scheduler was disabled yesterday, re-enabled it and it's off again this morning, although my server hasn't even been restarted. How can I get this to stay on?