How do you copy / Move a website?

Aug 11, 2010

I want to copy / move a website from one place to another but I'm not sure how to proceed. Unfortunately, our (normally excellent datapark host) isn't able to clarify things so we can do the right thing.

First a bit of back history that will explain our problem:
When we started, we only had a very small server (the one hosting our own domain) and it only gave us access to cpanel (not WHM).
As such, in our ignorance, we simply added all clients on our own cpanel account as addon domains, gave them a sqlDB and did all the mail accounts that way. It wasn't very clean but it worked and we didn't know any better.

Fast forward a couple of years, the server and number of sites have grown a 'bit'. For some time now we have complete access to WHM and now properly give each new site a proper account with their own stuff (cpanel, etc.).

The problem:
We now think it is time to do the right thing and clean ship, move the dozen or so 'addon domains' to their own full account in cpanel. However, we are not sure what the right approach would be.
Basically, we want to create the accounts for each domain in WHM and move the ftp files, the SQLdb and all their email stuff.

We have been reading a lot about things but we are a bit lost and because these are live and heavily used sites, errors are not an option.

We think that we will probably need to use the 'transfer' functionality in WHM but it seems overly complex and not everything seems applicable.
i.e. it moves from one server to another but we just want to move within the server to a new WHM account.

Can anyone shed any light on how best to proceed? :confused: