How does cPanel work in a hosting network?


Jul 5, 2006

I am from a brazilian company called Linkway Internet Provider and we are thinking about offering our customers a control panel powered by cPanel. But I have some doubts about how cPanel works in a hosting network. So, I would be glad if you answered me the questions below:

1) I have 3 Apache servers that balance the requests for the sites whe are hosting and 2 Tomcat servers that answer for the JSP requests. All the files of the applications are in an NFS server. So, I'd like to know if this configuration of my network should be altered to work with the cPainel server.

2) What kind of configuration will be created for each new user of cPanel? Can I block and unblock the options that the users will be alowed to access?

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 2, 2004
1) cpanel does have some clustering capabilities, but those can best be expounded upon by someone who knows more about it.

2) different 'packages' with different options can be created as templates for accounts. One package may have everything available, unlimited disk space, etc. Another package may have a limited scope of options.