How Does Server Migration Affect AutoSSL Certificates?


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I am wondering how my existing AutoSSL certificates/connections will be affected by an upcoming server migration. As I understand it, the migration will consist of the moving of all our cPanel accounts. Our IP address will also obviously be changed and I noticed that, in WHM's "Manage SSL Hosts" area, our current IP address is listed in the table of "Installed SSL Hosts," so perhaps that is a key factor that will break something. I currently have 8 certificates set up via AutoSSL (issuer is "Let's Encrypt").

It doesn't sound like it is possible to "physically" move WHM and all its settings (according to GoDaddy, who will be performing the migration). The representative I spoke with felt that the AutoSSL-generated certificates might not carry over correctly and might have to be re-initiated from scratch. If this is the case, it would obviously be good to know in advance. My main priority is to avoid any potential website downtime, and I imagine that if the SSL certificates stop working, the websites will go down.

It the worst-case scenario occurs (i.e., our websites go down and we have to set up the SSL's again from scratch), is there any advice as to how best to alleviate the situation? For example, we have changed a lot of link/image paths/etc. to point to the HTTPS versions of our websites. We can certainly remove our .htaccess HTTP>HTTPS redirect rule, but I imagine many things will still appear broken even if the website is not completely down.

Also, how can I check if my SSL certificates still exist once I've moved over to the new server. And, if they do exist, how can I know if they're active/salvageable versus knowing for sure that I will need to re-add them from scratch?

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Apr 11, 2011
Hello JP,

The SSL certificates should migrate over to the new cPanel server. However, post-migration, you'll want to verify the AutoSSL feature is enabled for the accounts on the new server via the "WHM >> Manage AutoSSL" interface. This will ensure the SSL certificates are automatically renewed before they expire.

You can test the transfer of a single account first, and then use "WHM >> Manage SSL Hosts" on the destination server to verify the SSL certificate was copied.

Thank you.
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Thank you Michael! I can report that I enabled the AutoSSL feature and added the "Let's Encrypt" provider before starting the migration and everything seemed to end up going very smoothly!
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