how hide some file from file manager


Oct 6, 2013
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Root Administrator
hello everyone
im new here :)
i just have simple question
sorry for my bad english
i have server - root access
and im host provider
i write a code some time ago with php
and im selling it
my users must use my host for it

i want hide some of my codes (files or folder)
from file manager
when they visit myhost:2082/filemanger !
is there anyway to do it?
i try some chmod codes
if users cant see files or folders
those file not work in their website's too
for example
i change
chmod of public_html/index.php
now that file cant be view in file manager when that user visit
but when i open his site
for example
its say
access deniyed

you will have my soooooooo thanks if anyone here can help me for hide some files in their file manager
i use fcgi-apache
thank you