How long takes a backup restore?


Mar 4, 2003
Vitoria (Spain)

I'm doing a Backup Restore and it started 2 hours ago... is normal? The last legible line was this:

Restoring database odera_forum......
and then lines and lines of ...........

It seems that never finishes, although continue appearing new dot lines

How long takes a backup restore? The database that is restoring is large but... It isn't too much time? The backup restore is in the same server... so it would be faster... no?

Thanks for any help


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Mar 13, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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Unfortunately we can't really tell you as a restoration takes longer for larger sized accounts and you haven't told us how big the backup you were restoring is. Other variables will make the backup take longer to restore - for instance, how busy the machine you're restoring onto is, and what sort of CPU power it has.

Usually however, it takes a few minutes for an account of the order of 5 - 150mb on a reasonably good machine. I'd say if an account restoration in that size order doesn't complete in 20 minutes (to allow for the machine being slower hardware) it's going to be stuck. However, if you're restoring a Gigabyte of data on a busy machine you could normally expect a very very much longer wait.
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