How many accounts on one VPS with WHM

Noam Arnon

Feb 15, 2016
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I have a VPS with the following specs:
  • 2 CPUs
  • 4GM Ram
  • 10MBPS bandwidth
  • 60GB HD
I'm have WHM installed from which I manage all the cPanel accounts.
99% of the sites are common Joomla sites, for small businesses, that doesn't consume too much resources.
Lately, the websites loading time got longer and I wonder if the reason is that I have more than 150 (regular Joomla) sites on the server.

Here is some info from the WHM system:

System Item Details Status
Server Load 0.226074 (2 CPUs)
Memory Used 72.12% (2,821,316 of 3,912,212)
Swap Used 12.65% (662,960 of 5,241,848)

Disk Information
Device Mount Point Usage
/***/***/*** 3% (141,416 of 5,159,552)
/***/***/*** 61% (17,923,928 of 30,962,684)
/***/***/*** home 78% (22,794,800 of 30,962,684)

(the asterixes are folders)

My hosting company recommended that I would open another server instead of upgrading the current one. Is that the best solution?



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Sep 26, 2006
Virginia Beach, VA
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It doesn't look like you're maxing out resources, but it would be difficult for any of us to help you without having examined the server. There could be a number of things causing your sites to load slowly - anything from the content of the sites themselves, Apache settings, or the physical server. So I can't really make a recommendation based on the information provided.