How many IPs can a dedicated server support?


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Oct 7, 2003
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Due to a significant (not large but enough to register) number of incidents that affected more customers than the responsible ones we have decided to migrate all customers on dedicated IPs (we are a shared hosting company).

But now we face this question: are the servers going to be able to support such a large number of IPs? Depending on site sizes we host anywhere between 5 to 500 accounts on a dedicated server.

Our servers have roughly these specs:
E3-1230 v3 to E3-1270 v3
16GB of RAM
SSD Intel DC S3500 or DC S3510 in RAID-10 HARDWARE

And of course they all have cPanel with a very small percentage of CloudLinux 6.7 but the vast majority are CentOS 6.7 64 bits.

Are these servers going to support say 500 IPs?