How much memory does cPanel 11 needs?



I installed cPanel 11 on a NEW VDS with 512mb of memory and upon completing the standard installtion and rebooting.

With NO SITES at all on the VDS, I see memory at 50% and thats counting NORMAL SERVICES without anything new.

I do understand that other installed modules or services may also take up RAM, so I am not attributing this problem to cpanel 11 at all solely.

However, for my sake and everyone's, how much memory does cPanel 11 needs with the standar config?


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50% sounds about right to me. Basic minimum I believe cPanel needs is 256MB, you'd have to check the docs to be sure.

Linux is not like windows as far as memory goes. You'd do yourself good to add more though. More the merrier. ;)
You are correct, cPanel/WHM requires 256 MB of RAM. If you find anything in our documentation or website stating otherwise, let me know ( you can email Support & Customer Service | cPanel, Inc. ) and I'll have it fixed.
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