Nov 27, 2010

I'm new and I'm trying to figure out how this works by trying several methods for installing phpBB3 from cPAddon.

- create subdomain with the folder public_html/forum
- installed forum in

- installed forum in public_html/forum
- create subdomaine which redirects to

and my questions are:

1. Both A and B have same results ?

2. Which one is better to use for installing phpBB3 ?

3. Subdomains need time also to propagate as domains ?

4. When creating a subdomain it ask me the folder where should point.
For example -> public_ftp/test
But when typing in browser it doesn't work, while works.
Does it need every time for a domain to point the place where should to forward or by default should load that page in the folder which I pointed when creating the subdomain ?
Or maybe it's related to question number 3.

5. If I create subdomain but with the folder public_html/test2 ... it doesn't work. The folder should have the same name as the subdomain name ? Or also it's related to question number 3 ?

6. If I install phpBB3 in public_html/forum, when creating subdomain it asks me for a folder, should I point to a different folder than forum and use forwarding to or just point as folder the folder where phpBB3 is installed ? public_html/forum.
What happend when removing the domain ? Does it delete also the folder ?

7. If I create several subdomains and can I put for both of them as home folder public_html/forum, or just separate folders and then to use forwarding for both of them to public_html/forum ? Which method is the best to not mess up things ?

8. I've tested some subdomain name and now after deleting some of them, one is showing cgi_bin folder, even the main folder is erased, another one is showing a text name server, and another one just opens google in IE9 with the address typed in the google search bar.

9. If I install phpBB3 in public_html/forum and then create subdomain with the home folder also in public_html/forum, when uninstalling the phpBB3 what happens ?
And also if I delete the subdomain and then create it again but with another home folder public_html/forumtest ... what happens ?

Thanks :)