How to access my under construction page (NEWBIE QUESTION)


Feb 21, 2012
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Hi there.
I'm a total newbie to the web development scene, and have already done the following:

  • Directed a domain from godaddy (where it was bought) to my cpanel hostgator servers
  • Installed Wordpress on this domain
  • Set up a theme on this wordpress installation, did some work on it.
  • Decided to set up a launch page using launchrocket
  • Redirected my domain, / to the launch page I set up with launchrocket,

So basically, now everytime someone enters /, they will be redirected to the launch page. Nothing too complicated this far.

Before, when I wanted to test the site, I would just enter / and test it live. Of course that is a totally wrong practice so I set up the launching page.

So now, how would I access my page? What sould I do, since now / redirects to the launch page? I'm guessing to move the files locally and work on the page from my laptop and not on the server...

Sorry if this sounds stupid to someone, but like I said I AM a total newb on the web development scene. Any tips and steps like a "for dummies" would be greatly appreciated!



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You could setup a WordPress installation locally and access it from your own machine. Or, you could install another instance of WordPress to a subdirectory, password protect it using the "Password Protect" option within cPanel, and access it over the subdomain.

Thank you.