How to allow access AXFR nameservers - currently blocked


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Nov 8, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I have setup my own nameservers everything works perfect but i keep getting this an error.
Thats because i didnt unblocked the nameservers from my registrar nameservers.

I need to unblock this:
Code: (dns-import) (ns0) (ns1) (ns2)
2a01:7c8:a::53 (ns0 IPv6)
2a01:7c8:b::53 (ns1 IPv6)
2001:14a0:100:6::53 (ns2 IPv6)
But i really dont know how to do this? i tried everything :confused::mad:

Can somebody please help me :confused:

My DNS settings:
Code: => => =>
Also i configured these in DNS zones in WHM.

but i keep getting this error:
FAIL: The following nameservers are listed at your nameservers as nameservers for your domain, but are not listed at the parent nameservers (see RFC2181 5.4.1). You need to make sure that these nameservers are working.If they are not working ok, you may have problems!
Error: RFC2181

I dont understand: I created my own nameservers myble.l etc in WHM and Registrar.
But still getting transip error in INTODNS.

Can somebody please tell me how to do this.

Thanks Guys!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Could you elaborate on unblocking your name servers at the registrar? For instance, how exactly are the name servers blocked? By blocked, do you mean disabled?

Thank you.