how to approach one-codebase-for-many-domains with SSL?


Mar 4, 2013
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I have a VPS with WHM/cPanel, and a bunch of web stores, all with unique content, and all running off the same custom PHP codebase, db, CMS and CRM systems. The content for each domain is unique, but generated from the same code, with shared file resources. There's only one missing element: How do I configure cPanel to do this?

I looked into addons, but there's no SSL with addons. WHM's Parked Domains don't allow SSL or SMTP either.

I considered just setting up the domains as normal accounts, and then replacing the directories with symbolic links. Is this possible? In other words, can I have my code in /home/site1/public_html, and simply make a symbolic link to that in place of /home/site2/public_html? Won't permissions cause problems (for writing images, etc.)? Is this fixed if I change the group Apache runs under for those sites to something shared between the accounts?

Has anyone done this? What's the best approach?