how to change the email subjects - {Definitely Spam?} / {Disarmed} / etc


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May 27, 2006
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Hi all

I installed the free version of Mailscanner from, and have run into some problems.

Is it possible to change / remove the email subjects that Mailscanner adds to suspected SPAM? Especially for outgoing emails?

Their client complain about this, and it's rather anoying. I realize these headers could become useful, but how do we use them? And how do I disable them on the server?

Another problem I have is, I don't see any way how to manage it? The installation documentation talks about being able to interate it into WHM, but I can't see where / how todo this. Anyone been able to make it work with WHM? I should suppsedly be able to allow my users to whitelist certain addresses / domains / etc, but they can't.

tia :)